#MediaSnack Podcast

#MediaSnack Meets: Brett Richardson, Senior Media Manager, Chobani

August 04, 2022 ID Comms
#MediaSnack Podcast
#MediaSnack Meets: Brett Richardson, Senior Media Manager, Chobani
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"Media is ultimately a value-add to any business...the big challenge across media practice is how to communicate and show value against our core business outcomes..."

My guest for this great #MediaSnack Meets episode, is Brett Richardson, Chobani's Senior Media and Marketing Manager

#Chobani really has an interesting marketing and media model. The company is hugely data-savvy and always looking for innovation. They have become a case study for enhancing their strong internal media capabilities with great external agency talent. One to watch. 

Find out:
- What is Brett's role at Chobani and what is he most proud of professionally?
- What does he see are the industry's biggest challenges and how we might address them?
- What does he do to unwind and recharge?
- Plus Brett's best industry leadership tips

Tom Denford | adenfordtom
Tom Denford edenfordtom
What do you do and what are you most proud of?
Best thing about working in media?
Biggest Industry challenge?
Best leadership advice?
Personal passion?
Hopes for the year ahead?
Tom Denford | wdenfordtom