#MediaSnack Podcast

Episode 231: The Evolving Role of Procurement

March 20, 2023
#MediaSnack Podcast
Episode 231: The Evolving Role of Procurement
Show Notes

Is there anything in marketing more misunderstood than procurement?

Reports and guidelines published recently by WFA and Association of National Advertisers illustrate the evolving and increasingly influential role played by procurement in marketing success.

For this episode of #MediaSnack LIVE, we joined with the industry's leading marketers and procurement experts on LinkedIn Audio to unpack the role of procurement and its blossoming partnership with astute marketing leaders.

Our show is LIVE and we invite anyone that joins to ask questions and share perspectives. In this show, we covered how the view of procurement continues to change, why 2023 is procurement's year to shine, how we can all grow in our understanding of procurement's role in marketing, and much, much more.

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In this episode:
Buying Less for Less by Gerry Preece
Madison Avenue Manslaughter by Michael Farmer
Magic and Logic from CIPS, the IPA and ISBA