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Episode 236: Better Agency Pitches = Better Agency Partnerships

November 20, 2023 ID Comms Episode 236
#MediaSnack Podcast
Episode 236: Better Agency Pitches = Better Agency Partnerships
Show Notes

Marketers want better agency pitches; ones that are value-creation exercises and where everyone joins together in a race to the top.

Agency CEOs take pitching for new clients very seriously. Some might argue its actually what motivates them more than anything else. Most agency leaders are judged by their ability to grow and the best way to do that of course is to win lots of new clients and so they build big teams and apply big resources to do just that.

Agencies make huge investments in winning new clients, involving many hours of management, finance, strategy, buying and support teams. A lot of the (carbon-intensive) business travel has thankfully been cut from the pitch process, but they can still take a lot of people’s time. Usually, the CEO sees this as the cost of the pitch, but its not wasted, as pitches can have a momentum effect in the agency; they bring diverse teams together to solve problems, they build relationships, trust and positivity, no matter what the end result.

Poor feedback leaves agency leaders frustrated and a little embarrassed; they have no words of encouragement for their tired teams, they have no awareness of where they left gaps and they have no idea how to do things differently in the future. This is a failure of a pitch process for everyone.

Better Pitches = Better Partnerships!

On this episode of #MediaSnack LIVE, we explore some key questions around the future of the creative and media agency pitch. 
Featuring guest speakers from leading trade associations, agency leadership and major advertisers:

We give listeners some tips on improving the pitch experience for all.

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