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Episode 237: Unlocking $22B Waste - Kimberly Clark & ANA Join #MediaSnack LIVE!

January 02, 2024 ID Comms Episode 237
#MediaSnack Podcast
Episode 237: Unlocking $22B Waste - Kimberly Clark & ANA Join #MediaSnack LIVE!
Show Notes

Navigating Programmatic Media with the ANA’s Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study

The ANA released its full Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study and once again, it is full of thorough and detailed research with actionable recommendations for advertisers.

The key headline: “There is some $22 billion in efficiency gains available to the client-side marketer community.”

The report outlines 12 categories with detailed findings and provides recommendations for improvement across all 12. It has been described as a 'playbook for advertisers wanting to understand and improve results in programmatic'.

With all this insight, the challenge for advertisers is not what to do (the report provides plenty of guidance), the challenge is to know where to start.

There’s no obvious 'one size fits all' solution. Where your brand needs to focus will undoubtedly look different from other brands.

On this episode of #MediaSnack LIVE, we were joined once again by Bill Duggan from the ANA and were thrilled to welcome special guest Brad Moranchek, Sr. Director of Global Media at Kimberly Clark and one of the brand leaders who participated in the study.

We answered questions advertisers have about the report findings and got a closer look at how this study helped inspire change at Kimberly Clark.

We also gave steps advertisers can take to discover how much of that $22 BILLION pie could be theirs for the taking!

Download the full ANA report for FREE HERE.

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