#MediaSnack MEETS

#MediaSnack Meets: Marla Kaplowitz, CEO, 4As

August 27, 2021 ID Comms
#MediaSnack MEETS
#MediaSnack Meets: Marla Kaplowitz, CEO, 4As
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"Every single agency CEO talks about the same challenge; talent. Talent empowerment is the biggest challenge across all industries right now. "

My guest on this #MediaSnack Meets is Marla Kaplowitz, the CEO of the 4As. I've known Marla for many years since her previous leadership of agencies, Marla now heads up the leading agency trade organization in the US, the American Association of Advertising Agencies with over 600 agency members. 

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What do you do and what are you most proud of?
Best thing about working in media?
Biggest Industry challenge?
Best leadership advice?
Personal passion?
Hopes for the year ahead?
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