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#MediaSnack Meets: Marla Skiko, Global Head of Media, Ford

March 29, 2022 ID Comms
#MediaSnack MEETS
#MediaSnack Meets: Marla Skiko, Global Head of Media, Ford
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My guest for this episode is Marla Skiko, Global Head of Media at Ford.

"The auto industry is in such an era of transformation right now, as people become more connected to their cars and other people. It is more about a software story than a hardware story"

This is a really fun episode. Marla has a fantastic perspective of the media industry, having worked in senior roles both within leading agencies and now with a leading global advertiser. Marla is one of the most articulate media leaders I have met and her energy and passion for media is truly infectious. 

"Hands down the best thing about media is the people who are in media. We care about doing great work and we care for each other"

In this episode, Marla shares her experiences leading the media team at Ford, which extends beyond advertising and considers the impact of connected vehicles and how that can transform customer relationships and how people buy and use cars. 

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